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     So you’re looking to stand out from the pack and extend your online exposure but networking can be too time consuming, sponsorship’s expensive and pay per click is pricey. Relying on your referrals is great but there are only so many referrals to go around so what are you going to do?

You have a website but it’s to text heavy and often fails to make a connection which leads to very low conversions. That’s where video marketing comes in, proper online video marketing gives the chance for your customers to get to know you while establishing trust, credibility, and a good relationship. We’re not just talking about creating just one or two welcome videos but dozens of custom commonly asked Q&A style and 5 star reputation marketing videos that allow you to deliver information the way your clients wanted it, in the form of web video.

     It’s a proven fact that web pages with engaging videos keep potential customers on their web pages up to 40% to 50% longer then websites that don’t utilize online marketing videos. Study after study show that pages containing video embeds are great for SEO, traffic conversion, and increase ROI month after month. Plus they’re extremely easy to share on Facebook and other social media sites so that people can find you when they need you most.

You can continue to pump more money in to Google paid searches but that’s expensive, unpredictable, and the results are not permanent. Stop wasting your time! Times have changed, Yellow Pages are dead use traditional medias expensive and let’s be honest you’re not keeping up with your blogging the way you should be. Improve your Google ranks with hundreds of videos that will drive you to the top of the page using targeted keywords we have researched and continually update.

     Remember, people are confused by the law and the last think they want is to be bombard with confusing legalese. They’ve got a problem and they need help now! We specialize in getting local firms the online exposure they need to ensure that month after month your rankings, phone calls, and return on investment increases in droves.

     Schedule your free online consultation and allow us to show you how we can have Google branding your firm as the local market leader in just 30-90 days!

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